“Surgery” by @musicbyREL is bluesy folk-flavoured ‘Evocapop’ about healing which leads to self-love and acceptance

R E L, “Surgery”

Meet L.A.-based singer/songwriter R E L, whose music comes to you from a unique vantage point with her song “Surgery”.  R E L has coined a sub-genre style called “Evocapop” – music that makes you think and feel.  And “Surgery” certainly does exactly that.  Her style reminds me of a blend of Suzanne Vega channeled through Regina Spektor but with a lot of classic influences at the source.  “Surgery” is moody for sure but, like Matthew Koma’s “Dear Ana” from last year, is important for many people to hear. Like “Dear Ana”, “Surgery” is also about overcoming eating disorders and body dysmorphia, leading to much needed self-love and acceptance.  Hardy subject matter to be sure but R E L’s execution of it along with her intriguing voice make it all easy to digest and most pleasing to the ear.