The name is Puth, but this time it’s Stephen – that’s @StephenPuth with gritty “Sexual Vibe”

STEPHEN PUTH, “Sexual Vibe”

Another Puth has quietly emerged in 2018 – following award-winning older brother Charlie’s massive success, this time it may be Stephen’s turn with his introduction of “Sexual Vibe” being part of the revival of the Arista label for Sony.  If Charlie is the likable Shawn Mendes of the family – who can still get his own sexy on just fine thank you, if you’ll recall “Attention” – then Stephen is the grittier, Michael Hutchence-inspired one who takes things a few steps further.  Thus, “Sexual Vibe” doesn’t beat around any bushes.  It’s a mid-tempo alt.rocker with Stephen comfortably resting in his chest voice, recalling Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers at times.  The second verse of “Sexual Vibe” will have you sold when Stephen croons “your efforts are effortless, so don’t move too fast, cause I like it when you …… fuck with me reck-ol-less [my emphasis]” to the song’s sparse, 60’s sounding melody, which is a real toe-tapper.  “Sexual Vibe” shouldn’t be an inauspicious start to another career but appears to be so for Stephen Puth – just for now.


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