#Pandamagic “This Time” by #JaydenPanda with @CelineFarach and @Matluckmusic is cheerful, empowering EDM


In pop music, there are no rules.  Joining Deadmau5, Marshmello, and a host of other masked dance music musicians and producers, we welcome Jayden into the electronic dance music genre.  The mystery man dresses in a panda outfit with an oversized head, which is equally goofy as the rest.  But where the difference here is the branding – a magical panda DJ/producer who can turn you into a kid for a few moments and then back again, making anything seem possible.  So is the basis of the story behind the video for “This Time”, Jayden’s first single, which has already amassed 1.6 views on You Tube in two weeks of release.  He’s already got a huge following of over 250K on Instagram too.  So establishing the visual presence was important, but so of course is the song.  “This Time” is cheerful and empowering, with a solid, memorable melody, and thank goodness for the infectious presence of two US singers, Céline Farach and Matluck (who you already know from some dance releases with Nicky Romero, Mike Williams, and Dzeko).  These two, with their voices, smiles, and attitude, all help bring the song to the next level.  Like with Marshmello, there will be an upward battle to break through, but don’t be surprised to see Jayden make some magical waves by mid-year.