Keep your ears tuned in for Welsh singer/songwriter @JohnAdamsmusic1 with “Flames”

JOHN ADAMS, “Flames”

Taking cues from some of the last decade’s best UK male singers – James Morrison, Damien Rice for example – and about to join the ranks of Ed Sheeran and James Bay is Welsh singer/songwriter John Adams.  Following up his album You Never Know Who’s Listening is “Flames”, the lead off single from his upcoming EP No White Lies.  It’s graceful, soulful pop sung by the kind of timeless voice you can listen to for hours.  “Flames” is accompanied by an intriguing, lyrical dance video which you can watch over and over again and still be fascinated.  The song’s about trying to save a relationship while everything else crumbles around you, not the kind of situation one ever hopes to be in, but I suppose we all experience it to lesser degrees of some sort.  “Flames” is a beautiful song, and I think it will just be a matter of time before bigger things happen, so John definitely is one to keep on your radar.