L.A.-based producer @SteveJamesdj returns, singing and orchestral, with “fall for you”



  • STEVE JAMES, “fall for you”

It’s been about two years since 20 year old L.A.-based, Pennsylvania bred producer Steve James took a bit of a break from releasing his own songs.  This was after arriving as a 15 year old remixer (remember his slinky, ear-catching one for ZHU’s “Faded”?)and having a fast rise to some Grammy-nominated success with the title song from Justin Bieber’s Purpose album.  Certainly working on that project has rubbed off with his new single for Casablanca/Republic, “fall for you”.  I see this one as a grower – it’s Steve’s first song featuring his own vocal, which he’s definitely been working on, and it lends a lot of natural charm to the song.  In the past he’s been a bit of an enigma, but here we find Steve’s also a musician, as you will see in the video above for the ‘orchestral’ instrumental version of “fall for you”, stripped from its electronics to showcase Steve’s piano work as accompanied by violins and cello.  It’s a beauty for sure, and now many sides of Steve James are becoming demystified, with much more to come.