Toronto’s @NikkisWives offers imaginative new single “Real Girl”

NIKKI’S WIVES, “Real Girl”

Toronto trio Nikki’s Wives continue with singles to preview their next EP or album with “Real Girl”.  It’s about the public’s perception of women in music or the arts in general, often forgetting about the real person underneath the persona.  The song is pretty theatrical and definitely away from the band’s harder, edgy sound.  It was appropriately showcased at the concert I saw in April with some on stage play, as you will see from my second photo below.  Nikki’s Wives is a band that offers bold new music with tight instrumentation, a top notch singer, and great interplay among the band of Nikki, Dylan and Nate.  As they continue to break out, 2019 is your year to get to know Nikki’s Wives 🙂