Lilting, compelling “Overwhelm” by @Bridesmen (aka @itsKenton) encourages us to confront and embrace our feelings

BRIDESMEN, “Overwhelm”

It’s not an easy sell at first listen, by “Overwhelm” by L.A.-based electronic artist Bridesmen is a beautiful song that encourages us all to confront and embrace our feelings.  With a slant on mental health and well-being, the song is supported by a compelling and lovely lyrical dance video for you to check out above.  Bridesmen is the recording name for Kenton Chen, who some of you may know from TV’s “Sing Off” a number of years back, when he put together an impromptu acapella group that sang in the finale.  Kenton’s career has been mainly focused on jazz and acapella, so Bridesmen offers another avenue for him to raise awareness about a variety of issues as well as his own barriers he has faced as a Gay Asian American.  “Overwhelm” has a classic song structure that allows it to be both affecting and relateable.  You can hear vocal and songwriting styles of artists like Joni Mitchell and Carole King in the story, as well both classical and modern influences in the music which perhaps reminds me of tauter songs by electronic artists such as ZHU or Odesza.