The legacy of #JohnnyClegg continues with son @Jesse_Clegg’s infectious “Let It Burn”

JESSE CLEGG, “Let It Burn”

While many of us are still reeling over the loss of his joyful larger-than-life father, Johnny Clegg, a few days ago, I was really pleased to see Jesse Clegg release “Let It Burn” in the past few weeks.  Already known for his dynamic stage performances when opening for his father, “Let It Burn” marks a more pop-oriented direction for Jesse after more rock flavoured releases, which included an impressive live album a few years back.  The South African singer/songwriter has immense crossover appeal with “Let It Burn”, a surprisingly infectious pop/dance song which shows off his diverse voice.  Like his dad, Jesse creates songs for singing and dancing, and you can hear his roots showing with the percussive rhythm which becomes a bed for the rest of the song.  I was thrilled to see Johnny Clegg perform three times, once in Savuka and twice in solo performances, and he always gave it to the max, even a few years ago after he had passed age 60.  Johnny’s legacy will continue to flourish with Jesse and beyond.