In both “Graduate” and “Rainbow”, @SimonCurtis tugs at our hearts while being that sweet, reassuring voice

SIMON CURTIS, “Graduate” and “Rainbow”

Following up the dreamy “Love” from earlier this year, L.A.-based pop singer/songwriter and author (“Boy Robot”) Simon Curtis continues what looks to be a fruitful partnership with producer/songwriter Danny Garibay for his new AA single, “Graduate” and “Rainbow”. 

“Graduate” (above) is about knowing when you’re at one of many plateaus we all have in life and need to take that next, often difficult, step to move on.  It’s such a thoughtful song that many young people need to hear – it’s intended to help someone turn on that light or flick that switch that triggers determination and drive, and avoid falling back and being complacent about what’s happening in one’s life.  “Rainbow” (below) sounds like a simple, stripped-back pop ballad on the surface.  But again it’s got a strong message about being resolute in who you are as a person, and being a colourful and shining light not only for yourself but others too.  

“Graduate” and “Rainbow” are definitely two of the more intricate, heart-tugging, and selfless songs that Simon and team have created.  In both songs, he stays mostly in his ever-effortless-sounding high register – which he continues to keep so well-polished – that will be a big draw for his many fans of the Robot Army.  As with “Love”, “Graduate” and “Rainbow” continue a new and intriguing chapter for Simon that may seem many steps away from the music of previous releases R∆ and 8bit Heart, but with Simon you can always expect the unexpected and definitely never say never!  More to come!!