Meet new French-American rocker @NordiBlu with her striking debut single “Skin”


“Skin” by Nordi Blu impresses right out of the gate as a debut single with powerful, multi-layered production that showcases this rocker’s larger than life persona.  But this French-American singer/songwriter, raised in Berlin, is no newbie.  For as Marie-Claude Rubin, European fans of the TV show “The Voice Of Germany” saw her perform a few years back as part of Mark Forster’s team, where she advanced to the quarter-finals.  It was wise to use that experience as a jumping off point for reinvention, and thus we have Nordi Blu making a striking arrival with “Skin”.  She has a diverse voice full of personality that will make you recall songs by Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette.  I’m particularly taken with how she stays in a low chest voice range during a good part of the song, making the refrain of “you got no skin in it” particularly memorable. A full album is set for late 2019 release.