SoCal duo Inspired & The Sleep @insprdandtheslp help us out with “Getting Through”


Although the lyrics are perfectly serious, SoCal duo Inspired And The Sleep (Max and Bryce) are determined to help us all out with “Getting Through”.  Its empowering message compels you to listen, which is countered by a soothing melody carried throughout by a some chipper piano chords, giving it a 1970’s Doobie Brothers kind of vibe (think of songs like “Minute By Minute” or “It Keeps You Runnin'”).  Max’s vocal really shines as well, making “Getting Through” likely the best release I’ve heard from them to date.  It’s definitely indie alternative, and college radio stations should enjoy this one immensely.  But it’s also unique pop music that will stand apart from the rest in a set, not an easy thing to do these days.