It’s downright cool to be “Peachy” as sung by L.A.-based songwriter and producer @EMMinreallife


EMM, “Peachy”

Don’t be fooled by its title – “Peachy” is a powerhouse alt.rocker that is all about empowering yourself to be just your cool self.  And let it sink in because it should be nothing more than “Peachy” to be you, like it is for the pop chameleon that is Michigan-born, L.A.-based EMM, despite any ongoing hardships.  There are so many people in the world with anxieties and pressures, many of which are a result of other people diminishing their self-worth.  “Peachy” puts that all to bed with a ferocious vocal and melody that definitely recall No Doubt, Blondie, and Cyndi Lauper.  EMM refuses to compromise her touch-edged lyrics, which makes the song even more powerful.  The musical arrangement is a catchy but haunting contrast to the song’s message.  Listen to the song at the link below and you’ll understand why “Peachy” fits for EMM as well as for others.