With new single “Pyro”, @AaronCarter is no fluke comeback king, and serves up more slick soulful pop/dance grooves


Just when you thought his 2017 EP LøVë was a one-shot fluke of a comeback for the man who sold millions as a pre-teen at the start of the last decade, the Aaron Carter story continues through his music with his newly released independent single called “Pyro”.  As with songs from LøVë like “Fool’s Gold” (delightfully remixed last year with hip hop singer 3letterznuk) , which were as on the mark as any other soulful pop/dance release two years ago, “Pyro” brings us a sophisticated, well-produced groove with interesting lyrics that will all resonate well alongside music by Bruno Mars or Sam Smith.  Aaron’s vocal glides along in his head voice most of the time, with some well-placed harmonies that reinforce the chorus of the song.  It’s time to dispense with so many of those preconceived notions and thoughts and let Aaron Carter’s music speak for itself.  And for those of you producers, remixers and vocalists who are interested in getting in on his music, he’s posted three instrumentals with which you can be creative, as free downloads at the link below.