New Atlanta pop/electronic duo Vedado, featuring returning producer @Popeska, do it their way with “Messing Around”

VEDADO, “Messing Around”

Vedado is Atlanta duo Ralf Popescu – aka electronic producer Popeska, making a return to the music scene after a lengthy absence – and Matt Petters, two friends who first started writing together 5 years ago, and are now committing music to recording with their debut single “Messing Around”.  It’s got a tight pop/rock sound thanks to the surprising ample presence of electric guitar, which carries the song’s melody all the way through, and lets synths and other instruments play second fiddle to flesh it all out.  To be honest I’m not sure what the song is all about and yeah, perhaps the guys aren’t 100% on the mark with the vocal.  But it’s an infectious song that definitely gives you what Vedado hoped – a fun, light-hearted, collaborative vibe. And who could knock them for that?