The vibrant, sunny sound of L.A. duo @itsPapaYamusic heats up the rest of North America with “Cali Girl”

PAPA YA, “Cali Girl”

They don’t release music too often, but when they do the song is usually a humdinger, and “Cali Girl” by L.A. duo Papa Ya is no exception.  Like a few other performers from the hotter parts of the US, Papa Ya intentionally spreads the warmth through their music.  “Cali Girl” shows off the band’s above average local gal who makes a guy lose “his head like vertigo”.  There’s nothing new here thematically, but it’s all in great fun, and Nate and Alex know how to write an execute a song that is laden with hooks.  So take a breather and relax, and “Cali Girl” will definitely help make your day that much brighter!