Creators like Rhode Island’s Chris Capaldi keep rockin’ with original songs on his EP “Frequency”


Having grown up in what is now the classic rock era of pop music, it’s always refreshing to hear performers who still know how to get it all right, and keep the songs original compositions too.  Rhode Island’s Chris Capaldi definitely has the goods on his EP Frequency.  It contains 4 solid songs of varied influences and are led by outstanding guitar work whether it’s electric or acoustic.  The stunner is “Thin White Line”, straight out of the 70’s Eric Clapton-meets-Bruce Springsteen-meets-Fleetwood-Mac songwriting book, right down to the female vocal harmonies.  That trend also continues on “Make It Out”, my second favourite on the EP.  “Too Late” takes a slightly different direction with vocals in a slightly higher key which sound a lot like Mike Scott of The Waterboys.  And “Fade” is the acoustic entry which shows another side of Chris, heavier on country music influence (don’t ask me to pick who) with more Clapton leanings that recall his late 70’s work.  All in all Frequency is a tight, enjoyable package that flies by.  Rock music done completely right is always worth hearing!