Buffalo NY pop-punk singer/songwriter @LexxiRaine delivers with 7 song EP “Fun While It Lasted”

LEXXI RAINE, Fun While It Lasted (EP)

Lexxi Raine is a talented new singer/songwriter from Buffalo, New York who arrives with her 7 song EP Fun While It Lasted.  While all of the songs aren’t entirely successful, with too sparse production sometimes a culprit, the EP focuses on showcasing her razor sharp songwriting skills, and to me, her songs are easily transferable to be promoted to and recorded by other artists as well.  She has a great way with words and telling a story like so many other songwriters cannot do.  She calls her style “pop-punk” but it’s really cut from the same cloth that made The Go-Go’s, The Bangles, The Waitresses, and other women artists all the rage in the 80’s, which also influenced male bands like Green Day and Blink-182.  The songs are often acoustic, with vocals not always on key (but someone tell that to team Billie Eilish 😉 ), but the best ones rock out with full band effect.  So I’ll draw your attention to the gritty “He Says, She Says” and the cutting “Dear Kellie”, both below.  But don’t get me wrong, Lexxi Raine is on a very contemporary path with the telling and provocative video for “What The Lonely People Do” (above), where the protagonist wants a relationship to be all about her and not about others.  Lexxi Raine has just completed a small tour of the UK where she is obviously establishing a fan base.  She’s someone to check out at this ground-level stage and has the potential to go far with the right songs and production.