Check out the compelling “All My Friends Are Fake” by new Canadian singer/songwriter @TateMcRae

TATE McRAE, “All My Friends Are Fake”

It all seems to have happened very quickly, complete with a deal with Atlantic Records, but Calgary-based singer/songwriter Tate McRae is off to a smoking start as her single “Stupid” receives significant national radio play in Canada.  There’s more to 16 year old Tate than that single though as the compelling “All My Friends Are Fake” will demonstrate to you, from her debut EP All The Things I Never Said.  The obvious comparisons will be to both Billie Eilish and Alessia Cara, and hey with music this solid, we’ll have to see if this holds true a year from now.  “All My Friends Are Fake” has a lot to say about friendships and relationships between young people in the age of social media, where the lines of who is a true friend are often blurred.  Her target audience will relate and listen and there is much more undoubtedly to come this year.

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