UK pop/R&B singer/songwriter @SamDickinson crafts radio-friendly, danceable “Diamond Skin”

SAM DICKINSON, “Diamond Skin”

UK singer/songwriter Sam Dickinson seems to have exciting music up his sleeve quite often, and it’s been a treat to watch his songwriting and on-record performances grow over the years.  He dazzled with “Wild Sun” and “All We Are” from his last releases, but “Diamond Skin” has even more potential for radio play with its contemporary themes of self-worth and self-empowerment.  From his upcoming album Off Script, it’s well-produced and not only focuses on the intriguing lyrics but also Sam’s solid, versatile voice, which was recorded in one take!  He moves seamlessly in and out of falsetto range, and “Diamond Skin” also has a familiar groove that will definitely make you want to move.  Don’t miss this one!