Get to know singer/songwriter @SethGlier with his story of love in “Stages”

SETH GLIER, “Stages”

The new music of Massachusetts-born Seth Glier does not easily fit into one box.  Primarily known as a folk singer and a Grammy-nominated engineer who had a U.S. state department-sponsored tour, Seth will capture your interest with the genuine pop feels brought to you by his latest single “Stages”.  In the song, he recounts some of the stages we go through when we’re in love, and the stumbles we all make to help the relationship get better and continue.  He’s opened in the past for singers like James Taylor and Marc Cohn, and like those talents gents, he doesn’t sound like any one singer in particular.  A song like “Stages” (co-written incidentally by frequent dance music vocal contributor Carly Paige) could easily get lost in the fast-paced today of pop music, but for those who like to make it slow down a bit more, you’ll find the song to be a gentle and quietly expressive surprise that will sneak under your skin.