South Florida pop singer/songwriter AEORO declares “Babe’s A Rockstar”

AEORO, “Babe’s a Rockstar”

AEORO definitely knows how to make a fun pop song and video and the South Florida pop singer/songwriter is back to tease you with “Babe’s A Rockstar”.  Its light-hearted, flirty style is an atypical winner, abetted somewhat by the inclusion of a familiar verse – from Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”.  Yes, AEORO is a rocker at heart, so why not bring a fantasy to light and build upon it.  She also has a great voice, which I’ve previously mentioned will appeal to fans of Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.  So get to know AEORO a little more with the video for “Babe’s A Rockstar” above (with Spotify link below).