UK singer/songwriter @JamesPoole_ unveils much-awaited album “Humanity”



I’ve been writing about Norfolk, England-born James Poole for many years now, after his exit from a well-established UK boy band and through a phase of You Tube videos of covers and original songs that never saw official release (shhh, you can still find some of them on You Tube if you look hard).  The constants throughout this time have been his thoughtful songwriting, his strong and diverse voice, and his unpredictability, with songs alternately mixing serious subjects (the delightful “Perfectly Me” and “I’ve Started Fuckin’ Someone Else”) and funky/electronic whimsy (“Goodness Gracious”), playful falsetto vocals, and one HELL of a ferocious scream in the cathartic “I Am Lion”.  All of the songs within Humanity have been released as singles since 2017, so it brings everything together in one package for you to enjoy.  Aside from the aforementioned four songs, “Faith”, “I Got What You Need” and “Lost”, another worth revisiting is “If I Were The Devil”, which offers rock guitar, banjo and a clap-along rhythm amid a spry mix in which James is clearly having a lot of fun.   As always, I look forward to whatever new songs James creates next.  His is talent worth savouring in all of the music in Humanity, below.