Kentucky-based singer/songwriter @ChaseCimala brings us the Class of 2020’s grad song “Cheers To My Teenage Years”

CHASE CIMALA, “Cheers To My Teenage Years”

Chase Cimala is a Kentucky-based high school senior and athlete who has just released his first few songs.  The singer/songwriter brings us “Cheers To My Teenage Years”, which throws a positive light onto graduating from high school in 2020 – the year for many that there will be no formal graduation or prom.  Nonetheless, Chase shares his sentiments knowing that it’s another milestone that has passed, and for most, there’s only a year or two of being a teenager that remain.  Chase sings this wisdom beyond his years in a rich, trained chest voice that is diverse enough to transcend rock, pop and country genres, kind of Garth Brooks-meets-Michael Bublé.  For those of us much older, the song taps into well-preserved memories that we cherish. “Cheers To My Teenage Years” is a crowd-pleaser for all ages and most deserving of your attention.