Emirati duo @Revelriesmusic and US producer @SamSmyers partner again for the snappy, hook-driven “End Up Like That”

REVELRIES and SAM SMYERS, “End Up Like That”

Emirati producers/songwriters/musicians Revelries are becoming masters at creating snappy, hook-driven songs, with current case-in-point being “Fall-Out”, which is residing in the Top 10 of my personal chart.  Last year, their song “Don’t Think Twice” reached #2 and was my #11 song of the year.  So they’ve reunited with US producer Sam Smyers from that song and the result is “End Up Like That”.  Like any of the recent Revelries singles, “End Up Like That” sticks in your head thanks greatly to a solid, appealing (if uncredited) vocal.  There’s a driving deep house beat to carry the song straight to the dance floor, and lots of layers in the production to keep the sounds deep and interesting.  “End Up Like That” is simply another winner waiting to be heard.