UK pop hitmakers @Lawsonofficial return with engaging new single “Lovers”

LAWSON, “Lovers”

I honestly thought Lawson was all but in the past after a few headlining events in 2015/16 and a sophomore album called Perspective that underperformed.  But from 2013-15, the pop quartet had a rabid fan base with allowed them to acquire 7 Top 20 hits on the UK charts.  This led to many sellout shows, and despite performing in North America – I saw them twice in Toronto – they didn’t quite breakout as they should have beyond the UK.  In the interim, singer/songwriter Andy Brown found himself in demand as a Country singer for two solo albums.  And then suddenly, Lawson – Andy, Ryan, Joel and Adam – are back with one darned solid new single that asks the familiar question ‘what if we were “Lovers”‘? You can never just pick up where you left off, but Lawson sounds as tight as ever and have definitely picked a radio-worthy single with which they can reconnect their fanbase, as well as attract pop music fans who just enjoy a really good song.  Welcome back, guys, and here’s to the next phase of Lawson!  Check out the video up top.