UK singer/songwriter @JazzMino lays it all bare when reminiscing about those “Old Friends”

JAZZ MINO, “Old Friends”

Reminiscing comes with its good and embarrassing moments, as UK singer/songwriter Jazz Mino relates to you in her latest single “Old Friends”.  Some of those friends will always hold fond memories, but then there are the ones who created unnecessary drama and fostered a toxic relationship – the ones that we don’t need and don’t want to see again.  So for those ones, Jazz Mino offers a “hey”, but also the proverbial musical finger – you know the rules, don’t piss off a songwriter, or they may just write about you!  It’s all set to a jaunty beat to which you can sway, with a top notch vocal from the singer which reminds me at times strangely enough of new Country vocalists like Maren Morris.  But “Old Friends” is pure pop through and through. You’ll be able to identify with the storyline, putting those folks in the past and let the memories of them fade in the years to come.