“Cry Wolf” weaves a sophisticated-sounding story of lies, as written and sung by England’s @SamDickinson


Following up his sleek single “Diamond Skin”, currently gracing my personal Top 10, is British singer/songwriter Sam Dickinson with “Cry Wolf”.  It will be included in his album Off Script, due in Fall 2020.  “Cry Wolf” has a sophisticated sheen that wears soulful influences from the late 80’s proudly.  It weaves a classic and interesting story of deception that finally catches up with the perpetrator, which likely led to the end of a relationship.  Sam’s voice is his signature weapon.  It alternately calls out the antagonist while at other times steps back, knowingly letting what is deserved come to pass.  As has worked well with previous releases by Sam, some remixes could also help “Cry Wolf” widen its appeal, with a topic that always resonates well with the dance music community.