“What I Deserve” is a bold alt.soul step forward for Victor Perry @wallflowerperry from his upcoming EP

VICTOR PERRY, “What I Deserve”

Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve written an awful lot about the talented NYC-based singer/songwriter Victor Perry over the last almost four years.  It’s because he can sing just about anything, make just about any song sound fabulous, and has often intriguing and different vantage points in his songwriting subject matter.  To introduce you to his upcoming EP Rewind, Victor brings us “What I Deserve”, which showcases the latter.  It’s a sad but poignant song about being injured emotionally in a relationship, perhaps after an argument, and unable to figure out how to resolve it. Victor’s tender vocal makes you empathize and know somehow that the protagonist will figure it all out.  Many of Victor’s songs are sung in his head voice, and it’s refreshing to hear his chest voice convey a bit of a narrative at the start.  It’s definitely for fans of quieter alt.soul but a pop edge and synths in the backdrop, and the latter form a 30 second coda of sorts which makes for an interesting ending.  All in all “What I Deserve” is a bold step forward, somewhat in keeping with the music of his side project Labrose or his song “Eve” with ZEROBADDAYS.  Be sure to check out the lyric video up top.