80’s classic “Talking In Your Sleep” is turned inside out and transformed by singer @LiaRosemusic (c/o TV’s #TheOrder)

LIA ROSE, “Talking In Your Sleep”

Lia Rose hails from San Francisco, and a lot of Netflix viewers heard her rendition of The Romantics’ 1984 smash “Talking In Your Sleep” in the final moments of the finale to season two of “The Order”.  I dread covers of some of my favourite songs, but on occasion an artist can transform one with a fresh take.  Lia Rose gives the bright and bouncy rock/dance track a deep and dark twist, slowing it down with a lush and languid melody accompanied by a taut vocal.  Kudos to the music producers for “The Order” because “Talking In Your Sleep” fit the scene perfectly.  And it has opened up many doors for Lia Rose, through which “Talking In Your Sleep” will continue to find fans.