Have a blast with the good humour of “Superstar” by #ThePrinceKarma


The music of “Superstar” is a throwback to European dance hits of the 90’s like Real McCoy’s “Another Night” with dashes of novelty humour like in Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”.  It’s set to a strut-worthy beat as brought to you by the Greek artist known as The Prince Karma. The Prince caught attention not long ago in Europe with “Later Bitches” and “No More”, and “Superstar” is the lead track from a new three song EP.  The lightheartedness of “Superstar” is reinforced by its goofy video, which is an affable homage to “A Night At The Roxbury” at times.  The Prince Karma is no flash in the pan though.  The rest of the EP features two other strong songs, one about “Rick James” and the other called “It’s The DJ”, another homage this time to classic house music with vocal by no less than house legend Ron Carroll (also heard recently on Mercer’s amazing house jam “Satisfy”).  Expect to hear much more from The Prince Karma.