“Rewind” is the charming and thoughtful new pop/soul EP from NYC-based singer/songwriter Victor Perry @wallflowerperry


Hot off the presses, Rewind is the first EP from Georgia-born, NYC-based singer/songwriter Victor Perry since 2016’s 4 A.M. Nostalgia.  Throughout his intervening work with numerous dance music producers and in the EP of his own side project Labrose, Victor’s songwriting and style has grown immensely.  His aim is to be a versatile pop-soul singer like his idols, Whitney Houston and Rihanna, while also being a thoughtful songwriter who can concoct great songs for his far-ranging voice.  

The six songs in Rewind appeal because of their ability to be steadfast and solid, challenging the listener with his words while making them shine with the varied tones in his voice. “What I Deserve”, the lead single, is the best example of Victor stretching his boundaries with an emotional song, yet it’s one that instantly grows on you too.  In “Undercurrent”, there are times when Victor is heard singing without words and that’s just as eminently listenable as the rest of the song.  In “Run”, his higher vocal range is put to great use, and his ability to control those high notes and make them into another instrument is testament to his talent.  The EP is rounded out with two other gentle pop/soul songs, “Reciprocity” and the title song (with first co-producer Chris Belmont), as well as the lead off dance track “Greenlight”, another delight for fans of his work with second co-producer Levi alongside “Lost Boy”, “Moonlight”, and “Sail”.

Rewind is an EP that will appeal to all ages and traverses the pop-soul genres, often relying on softer melodies that anchor unique lyrics and perspectives.  I expect that Rewind will afford Victor many more opportunities that will be the result of much ongoing hard and well-thought out work that often sounds graceful and effortless in the end.