Meet L.A.-based, British singer/songwriter @itsJohnnyAshby with thought-provoking “Born Again”

JOHNNY ASHBY, “Born Again”

“Born Again” is an ear-opening new song about being gone before your time by L.A.-based, British singer/songwriter Johnny Ashby.  He could easily fall into the category of sincere indie folk/rock singer/songwriter du jour, but his memorable voice and the carefully layered production in “Born Again” say otherwise.  Fans of Coldplay, Niall Horan, John.k, and particularly Bastille should flock to listen to this song and others by Johnny Ashby.  His vocal is friendly and earnest, and you may even have unknowingly heard his songs in placements on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Pretty Little Liars, but his sound is driven and ambitious.  Johnny Ashby gives us much more than is expected in “Born Again” and I’m looking forward to hearing more songs by him.