“MerryGoRound” by Kentucky’s @ChaseCimala mixes pre-Beatles pop/rock styles with a contemporary spin

CHASE CIMALA, “MerryGoRound”

Kentucky-based singer/songwriter Chase Cimala flexes his wide appeal with “MerryGoRound”, which follows up his sentimental and genuine 2020 ‘graduation’ song “Here’s To My Teenage Years”.  He mixes it up with “MerryGoRound” in his outstanding vocal where Michael Bublé flair joins forces with older school styles that recall both Ricky Nelson and Elvis.  With his rich tones, Chase can sing any genre of music and make it special.  “MerryGoRound” is a solid, romantic summer song brought to you by the cool guy next door.  Chase Cimala is a new talent with huge potential who’s deserving of your attention.