“You” is gritty soulful hip hop flavoured pop from Maine artist Shang-High


“You” is 3:19 of infectious and gritty soulful pop brought to your attention by Maine hip hop artist Shang-High.  The singer/songwriter has been off to a stellar start these past years with two albums and Spotify streams over one million for his song “What Did We Do”.  Since his last album in 2018, it’s been a steady outpouring of singles, and “You” definitely has all of the chops in place to draw in a variety of listeners.  Shang-High’s singing voice is totally on point, sometimes recalling a Daryl Hall or Jay Kay of Jamiroquai – and then it’s often brought to a raspy edge.  His hip hop break in “You” flows beautifully, and he’s clearly well-versed in that style (since hip hop isn’t my thing, I won’t even try to cite any influences), though to me it’s a secondary attraction in this particular song.  Overall, “You” is an energetic bop that will easily get stuck in your head.