“Handsomer” is a unique collaboration between singer/songwriters @missMollyMoore and Maty @Noyes


“Handsomer” is a biting post-break up song by two of alternative pop’s best songwriters in a unique collaboration, L.A.’s Molly Moore and Maty Noyes.  As regular readers of this blog and my chart know so well, Molly has released numerous, well-focused and stylished EP’s and singles over the past five years (especially Now You See Me), as well as being one half of the stellar electronic duo Cosmos & Creature.  Maty Noyes has had major label releases to her name after being propelled into the spotlight on the Grammy-winning album by The Weeknd, Beauty Behind The Madness, as well as collaborating with artists as diverse as Lemaitre and Mokita along the way.  “Handsomer” is a quick (only 2:15) and delightfully exaggerated tip of the hat to self-confidence in the aftermath of a relationship.  The singers have amazing chemistry which makes “Handsomer” a real ear-turner.