The beauty of starting a relationship is documented in “Long Distance” by Australia-based producer Latchmere

LATCHMERE, “Long Distance”

“Long Distance” is the opening song from Australia-based electronic producer Latchmere’s self-produced first album called Undo.  It follows two solid house-influenced dance pop EP’s called Lovedrunk and Rule The World.  However, Latchmere (aka Shaun Galvin) has switched gears for Undo, which is more of a progressive electronic concept album whose synth work was produced largely using a Native Instruments Maschine MK3.  The album documents how a good relationship pays off in the end.  If you’ve ever been in one before, long distance relationships are never an easy thing, and ultimately you have to make decisions.  “Long Distance” is the melodic consciousness of that new beginning, one filled with hopes as well as the unexpected.  It’s a positive starter for club DJ’s to play as an evening kicks off.  The album heads off into more unconventional directions that play on many moods, and could appeal to those seeking similar organic content to an Illenium song, and Calvin Harris-like experimentation, but without the large synths and drops.