In “New Girlfriend” is better to be the bigger person, according to UK singer/songwriter @JazzMino

JAZZ MINO, “New Girlfriend”

While I’m still immensely enjoying her last single, “Like A Drunk Girl”, British singer/songwriter Jazz Mino has followed it up quickly with “New Girlfriend”.  Always stepping outside the situation to take an objective observer stance, Jazz Mino writes and sings about how to be the bigger person when a relation ends.  So instead of creating gossip and a toxic environment, don’t divulge a lot of crap to the new person in your ex’s life.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with thinking about what you might like to do (and there are plenty of songs about that!), but you’ll only serve yourself better to separate yourself from the situation.  There’s no doubt that love and relationships can be an emotional battleground.  Jazz Mino puts forward friendly but direct ideas along with a great vocal and well-balanced production. That all makes “New Girlfriend” well worth adding on your playlist next to those new songs by Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding.