When things fall apart, rising Buffalo NY singer/songwriter @Hvnnibvl wants you to know “Who’s Gotcha”

HVNNIBVL, “Who’s Gotcha”

“Who’s Gotcha” is a likeable new release from Buffalo native Hvnnibvl, who has substituted ‘v’s for ‘a’s in his name, as he’s John Jacob Hannibal V in his clan.  He’s had some success with recent releases with producers It’s Different and KDrew, as well as opening for shows by Lil Uzi Vert and blackbear among others.  “Who’s Gotcha” is a slice-of-life tune that reassures you that there may just be someone you can lean on when a relationship comes to an end.  Hvnnibvl’s voice reminds me at times of Bryce Vine, and I think it might be showcased better in a less produced setting, which sometimes overwhelms this particular release with vocal effects.  But it’s a great song with a convincing performance, which are all the more reasons why we should get to know the music of Hvnnibvl more.