“Lighthouse” offers that glimmer of hope needed by many courtesy of London’s Andreas Liberos @AndreasLmusic


“Lighthouse” starts off as an acoustic pop song that is impressively guided into soulful, bluesy territory as brought to you by London-based singer/songwriter Andreas Liberos.  The lyrics offer kindness and hope in these days where sometimes there is nothing or no one to turn to and help make it all feel better for you.  Andreas has a commanding vocal presence and it transforms what could be a simple pop song into a convincing and meaningful statement.  If the name is familiar, this singer of Greek heritage appeared in the cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” by Jevanni Letford that was played at the Royal Wedding two years ago and saw major label release.  He also was featured a few years back in a solid deep house release I wrote about by Australia’s Latchmere called “Limits”, which also appeared on my personal chart.  But his voice was pitched down considerably for effect, and is unrecognizable next to this fine performance on “Lighthouse”.