Classical gas: “Vertigo” by Philadelphia trio Time For Three @TF3 shapes beautiful harmonies with violins and string bass


The word for “Vertigo” by Philadelphia trio Time For Three in these busy days of music is Refreshing!  It’s not often that classical music intersects with pop and folk, but when it’s made right, it works oh so well.  TF3 is Charles and Nick (they’re the violinists) and Ranaan (he’s the string bass player), and they have a great project to keep growing with stunning harmonies – they all sing – that are actually front and centre in “Vertigo” more than the classical instruments.  “Vertigo” is a fine song brought resoundingly to life by three talented guys who are presented to you by the same team as YEBBA, and that should speak volumes in itself.  Watch the socially-distanced video for “Vertigo” recorded back in the Spring, above, or listen to it on Spotify below.