Warm lyrics and punchy production highlight “We Are Home” by singer/actress Lauren Mayhew @LoloMayhew and Moroccan producer Mariline


Part of making a great song that is suitable for the electronic dance music crowd is to write lyrics that will immediately bring everyone together.  American singer/songwriter/ actress (and occasionally, wrestling announcer!) Lauren Mayhew has done just that with the touching and uplifting “We Are Home”.  This one brings all of the feels home and makes you really miss being in a club or festival, second homes for many of us music lovers.  Bring in Moroccan teen producer Mariline (with support from Alex Parker) and he adds some slick, punchy synths and a memorable drop that kickstarts the melodic chorus.  Before it’s over, “We Are Home” is already a singalong that will keep you humming while we look forward to better days ahead for dance music in clubs/festivals.