You’ll smile while you boogie away to knockout instrumental “House Is Happiness” by @Stan_Sax

STAN SAX, “House Is Happiness”

“House Is Happiness” is everything that its title embodies.  It’s a sexy, fun instrumental where the saxophone rules, since it’s brought to you by German producer Stan Sax, aka ZEROBADDAYS, aka one half of the duo Saxity.  It’s a song in which jazz can do its happy dance with house music.  “House Is Happiness” comes on strong with Stan’s saxophone hook right out of the gate, and carefully steps back at around the 1:10 mark to offer us some repose before it cranks back up its whirlwind pace again 30 seconds later.  By the end you’re breathless, and “House Is Happiness” gets better each time you play it.  Bravo to you, Mr. Sax!