L.A. trio @thisisFames ponder the aftermath of relationships in “scared of the dark”

FAMES, “scared of the dark”

There’s definitely a lot of gritty truth in the lyrics in “scared of the dark” by L.A. pop/rock trio Fames (who are Ian, Wesley and Blair).  It’s about all of those sleepless nights that we incur when relationships end, as often the same thoughts roll around over and over again in our heads.  So Fames score big points in directly-worded empathy for us all, but they’ve also built the lyrics around a moderately rocking anthemic sound which helps make the song quite memorable.  2020 saw them off to a great start with a sold out show in L.A. and a few hundred thousand streams for their previous single “what do i call u? (ex sounds wrong)”.  “scared of the dark” signals a lot of potential for Fames so watch for more from them this year as they work towards an album release.