Get to know the many faces of UK singer/songwriter @iamLeFil with “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

LE FIL, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

UK singer/songwriter Le Fil is definitely one to watch for many reasons thanks to his intriguing new single and video for “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”. Le Fil is of Chinese descent and grew up in a small town in the UK, which obviously had its limitations for this massively creative queer artist. He has channeled that into an optimistic and fun presentation which is sometimes in contrast to the pointed lyrics of “Money”. The appealing music in “Money” is surely inspired by a few pages from the mid-60’s songbook, where you can almost visualize the go-go- dancers. The voice of Le Fil makes you think of 50’s idols like Frankie Avalon on one hand, combined with the soulfulness of Boy George on the other. And the outstanding video is a home production made during the current lockdown in Le Fil’s kitchen through green-screen – colourful, entertaining and flamboyant, and you can enjoy it and his many interesting characterizations up top.