Victor Perry @wallflowerperry has two for you this week: “Call Me” with Italian producer @DannyDarkomusic, and “Desire” with newcomer The Peed



It’s seems that Victor Perry’s music is everywhere in 2020, for a new song that he’s written and sung appears almost weekly, which is great exposure for the very talented young NYC-based singer/songwriter.

First up is “Call Me”, one of Victor’s most beautiful compositions created in partnership with music by Italian producer and musician Danny Darko. Danny released his first new music in 2020 after a few years, and has millions of streams and hundreds of monthly Spotify listeners to his credit, sometimes under the name Starchaser. The song really takes roots after the first minute when Victor’s voice begins to soar and the story unfolds. Although it doesn’t have anything to do with the movie or book, the refrain of the now popular phrase ‘call me by your name’ is very touching, and with the lilting, almost tropical sounding guitar and synths, the song works well as a whole.

Next, there is “Desire”, made in collaboration with new producer The Peed. This one is quite different for Victor in subject matter and vocal. He sings most of the song in a lower range, which completely suits the song. The song has a deliberate, sultry vibe that’s perfect for a mid-to-late evening setting. Like with “Call Me”, “Desire” contains an ear-catching guitar riff that offsets the rhythm and compliments Victor’s vocal nicely.