“Getaway” is tight, emotional pop/dance from Halifax’s @djDezza and vocalist EMME

DEZZA and EMME, “Getaway”

“Getaway” is the title song from the 6-track EP by Halifax producer Dezza. The EP also contains “Carry Me”, a current favourite of mine featuring singer/songwriter Mike Schmid that resides at #7 on my personal chart. Dezza’s songs seem to need a listen or two to grab you, but he has the winning ability to concoct tight ear-grabbers with his co-writers. Such is the case with “Getaway”, co-written with singer EMME, whose vocal brings both fragility and desperation to the lyrics. Like with “Carry Me”, the melody of “Getaway” is more geared towards pop than a heavier deep house track, which I’m sure will continue to open doors for Dezza, who is currently signed to Tritonal’s Enhanced label. The 6 tracks include extended versions of the EP’s three songs, which also include the more progressive “Tilt Shift”.