Miami’s @Egzodmusic continues to prove himself one of the best in the electronic dance genre with “Don’t Surrender” and stunning vocal by @EMMinreallife

EGZOD and EMM, “Don’t Surrender”

I’ve been pleased to write about the progress of EGZOD over the years. The Miami-based electronic dance music producer otherwise known as Carlos Carvalho-Martins seals the deal with his latest EP The Revolution, proving himself to be one of the best of his genre. He clearly lives by his music to keep inspiring and empowering others. And while the other songs in the EP do well to feature highly listenable tracks featuring Neoni and (once again) Wasiu, it’s “Don’t Surrender” that adds up the sum of all the parts. It’s an energizing, vital-sounding, futuristic house song totally suited for our times. It is co-crafted with L.A.-based vocalist EMM, about whom I’ve also written several times. Her potent vocal is front and centre, leading their emotional charge. With amazing streaming numbers of over 20 million that really started to show early last year, the only way is up and up for EGZOD.