Be sure to listen to @ChesneyHawkes’ touching song “John Lennon Lived Here”, co-written with @NikKershaw

CHESNEY HAWKES, “John Lennon Lived Here”

I enjoy songs that capture unique perspectives in life. Appropriately obtaining attention just before John Lennon’s 80th birthday was “John Lennon Lived Here” by L.A.-based UK-born singer/songwriter Chesney Hawkes. The song, co-written by one of my long time faves, Nik Kershaw (who wrote Chesney’s 1991 UK #1 and US Top 10 hit “The One And Only”), was originally included on Chesney’s 2012 album Real Life Love. It takes the viewpoint of a wide-eyed tourist in NYC who is also a John Lennon fan. NYC can be terribly intimidating to some, but to others (like me!) it’s extremely welcoming. The song’s title represents the ability to reconcile with the facts that John Lennon not only lived in but died in NYC, but that it was also where he wanted and needed to be. The subtle arrangement has several Beatle-esque moments and Chesney’s voice is in great form. Although North American audiences would see Chesney as a one-hit wonder, he is not in the UK, and has kept busy over the years with acting and reality show gigs. He belatedly and perhaps unexpectedly resurfaces again through this song and it’s most welcome indeed. It is currently in the Top 10 of the United DJ’s Heritage chart.