L.A.-based singer/songwriter @HVNNIBVL returns with the happy vibes of “Something Special” from his new EP “Reasonably, Relative”

HVNNIBVL, “Something Special”

After writing about his recent singles “Who’s Gotcha” and “Worth It”, and indicating that I wanted to hear more from Buffalo NY native HVNNIBVL, I didn’t realize there was an EP on its way. Now on release, Reasonably, Relative is the title, and among its six songs you will find those two previous singles. Digging into the EP, another highlight is “Something Special”, and it’s for different reasons than the others. While the main focus is on spreading happy vibes, I found “Something Special” reminding me at times of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”. It’s probably because the song has HVNNIBVL’s best vocal thus far, and the story about wanting to do “Something Special” with your lover or friend is one that’s needed in the world today. And based on what I heard in Reasonably, Relative, if you sat down HVNNIBVL in a room with some established producers, he would have the great songs ready for them, and all they would have to do is add the spit and polish.