“If I Try To Find You” bares all about a past relationship, according to L.A.-based indie singer/songwriter @KINGMALAmusic

KING MALA, “If I Try To Find You”

Finding a happy, edgy ground somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish isn’t easy, but L.A.-based indie singer/songwriter KING MALA (aka Areli Castro) seems to have achieved it in “If I Try To Find You”.  It’s a follow up to her complex single “sugarblind”, which I wrote about in the Summer.  The song pulls open wounds from a long-ago relationship, when given thought about where that person might be now, with the realization that the enduring pain from it was much deeper.  The song truly comes alive with an in-your-face chorus that might prove to be a trademark of KING MALA’s “king bad bitch” persona.  “If I Try To Find You” is aggressive and not always an easy listen, but your time in getting to know the music of KING MALA will be very well spent.